Kolb HSW - Anlagensysteme aus Kunststoff, Stahl und Edelstahl
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Plant Engineering & Construction

Our product range for plant engineering & construction composes innovative solutions based on your expectations. It doesn’t matter whether we are dealing with a complete, industrial processing plant system or only a single component. All components are manufactured from those well-established thermoplastics PE, PP, PVC, PVDF and ABS, out of Duroplastics (GFK), as well as – if necessary – even combinations of Thermoplast / Duroplast.

The innovative use of steel and stainless steel is not new to us, as well as our wide-ranging know-how in switchgear, control and instrumentation assemblies. Pipework in all shapes and forms for liquids, including the appropriate fittings, and of course the instrumentation, various holding tanks (of course with qualification approval if so reqd.), stripper and scrubber columns, absorption and adsorption plant, active carbon filters, atmospheric vaporisers, droplet separators as well as bio-filters and bio-scrubbers are only a few examples from our wide-ranging program.
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