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Our Services
Only when all production processes are combined under one roof, then the top quality of the end product can be guaranteed without a doubt. We give you this guarantee. From development, through all the fabrication right up to the final end product. Even construction, commissioning and care can be left in our experienced hands. In this way, you do not get any standard concept, but a speacially customised solution, tailor-made to your requirements, created with modern CAD systems.

High professional competence in planning and carrying out these plans, first class materials and the most modern fabrication technology give us the basis for producing first class products, ceneterd around two aspects: long service life and uncompromising user benefits. You too can profit from our components and systems for process-engineered plant systems. From multi-functional industrial ventilators and solutions to questions for ventilation systems as well as plant and pipework construction.
We see what we have achieved as a basis for the future. That is why we are moving step-for-step forwards. But not with components and systems, which are available in all sorts of variations, but with new solutions for the future. Everywhere, where highest safety, dependability and resistance to corrosion are demanded, innovative plant and piping systems are the best choice. Also, our ventilators are 100% corrosion-resistant and therefore best suited for removing aggressive exhaust gases. We therefore work with a wide range of thermo-plastic and thermo-setting resin as well as steel and stainless steel.

As the customer, you have a right to the best performance as well as comprehensive service. If you wish, we can take on the complete project management of your process technology plant systems in plastics, steel and stainless steel. From the first idea, right up to the finished plant, you can rely on our experience and know-how. We will look after the planning, construction, completion, commissioning and even the care and maintenance.

The ability to react quickly and keeping to deadlines is no service - it is a duty.