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Radial and Axial Ventilators

Radial Ventilators

Seven different designs of radial ventilators, arranged according to specific revolutions, various impeller-diameter ratios, blade numbers and arrangements, enable multiple performance variations, aligned to the individual operating conditions and types of drive. Performance data ranges from 100 - 150.000 m³/h volume flow and total pressure difference up to 20.000 Pa.
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Axial Ventilators

Axial ventilators are pipework-inserted ventilators, whereby the moving medium passes through the line of flow. This thereby allows for space-saving insertion into pipework with walls. Large volume flows at correspondingly low pressure differences with high efficiency factors are the main areas of application.

2 types of drive can be selected:

1. direct drive motor in the center, installed fully sealed-off from the air flow.
2. V-belt driven motor with V-belt tensioner mounted above, impeller mounted on fully sealed-off from the air flow and externally ventilated block bearing.

Our product range consists of 16 sizes with diameters from 200-1400 mm.
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Roof radial ventilators

2 type series (vertically-blowing, Type DRV 6,6 horizontally-blowing, type DRH 6,5) each in 15 different sizes from 160-800 mm inlet diameter made from PVC, PE, PP, PPs and PVDF, optionally i.e. if necessarily so with impellers in steel/plastic-coated, steel/rubberized or stainless steel.
Drive motor is fully sealed-off from air flow and is ventilated from outside.